For Businesses in Benowa, Commercial Termite Baits Are The Only Solution

As a business owner you know that detecting infestation problems before they get worse is challenging, as it requires paying attention to details over a much bigger indoor and outdoor area than a residential home. It’s why you might not suspect a termite infestation until the problem is obvious, in which case more drastic measures need to be taken. If you suspect you’re dealing with a commercial termite infestation in your business in Benowa, commercial termite baits are the only way to go, and there’s research to back up this claim.

Bait VS Spray

A recent study undertaken by researchers from the UF Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences has discovered that when it comes to large termite colonies, liquid sprays aren’t as effective as baits. Because termites can create extensive structural damage in a very little time, a fast and effective approach is needed in commercial situations where there’s likely to be large underground groups at work creating unseen damage below surface level.

The reason for this is that most baits contain chitin synthesis inhibitors that termites will consume and take back to their colonies. It’s proven that even if a small segment of a colony takes the bait it will impact the entire group. By replacing baits for a time, any new termite colonies will meet the same fate, no matter how far away bait is from where the termites are.

Liquid sprays aren’t nearly as effective. Because it works almost instantly it only kills a small group of termites nearest to the treatment point. Once the dead bodies start to accumulate, termites start to avoid the area. It’s been determined that sprays are more effective in residential homes as the colonies are usually smaller and the distance between the colony and the spray can be much shorter.

A Permanent Solution

Can you afford to deal with a recurring termite infestation in your commercial building? If not, then you need to think about what will get rid of them, once and for all. To proceed you need to work with a team that specialises in large scale pest control and treatment, such as Dan Purkis Pest Control in Currumbin. We have access to the best commercial termite baits in Benowa.