Exterra Termite Baits

There is no longer need to saturate the perimeter of your home with hundreds of litres of toxic chemicals, there is a new alternative. The Exterra Termite baiting and monitoring system uses only grams of Termicide at a time rated on the poisons register as less toxic than salt.

That alone should make you feel secure in the fact that your family and pets are not exposed to excessive toxins.

But the kicker is that not only does this system eliminate the termites in the home but will trace back to the nest and kill the entire colony!

Lets hit some bullet points to simplify things.

  • Toxins 1000% less
  • Colony elimination
  • Family and pet safe
  • Aesthetically improved
  • Ongoing protection

I’ve found Termites in my home. What now?

Call the experts. At Dan Purkis Pest Control we have 20 years of Termite experience and 15 years since the birth of the Baiting era.

Your home is your castle but the wall has been breached its modern day warfare, warfare against termites. When they get in its not too late but to win the war you will first have to win the battle.

Our first point of call is to get the termites out of your house using one of several very effective and proven methods that can vary due to the situation. This will be as minimally invasive as possible and set your mind at ease from day 1.

That’s the battle won now to win the war.

Getting the Termites out of the house there is no guarantee they won’t get back in somewhere else.  Because once they know your house is there (and good eating) they won’t stop till they get back in.

Installing the Exterra baiting system you create a virtual wall or barrier around the house that will keep the Termites out and continually protect from future attacks  so you can sleep well at night knowing that your are protected against the threat of Subterranean Termite attack.

Congratulations you have won the war against Termites!

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