With summer fast approaching, Gold Coast Pest Control has never been in more demand

Suburbs like Robina and Broadbeach waters have been inundated with Rodents in the past 3 months and the cockroaches and spiders will revel in a Gold Coast heatwave.

Pest control Broadbeach residents can expect call outs for several types of cockroaches that will require experience and skill with a combination of product choice and placement to make the treatment last the summer.

Clean ups of the garden and removal of excess rubbish around the house could play a vital role in control of these nasty pests. By minimising their harbourage areas, control will be more easily obtained.

Spider control Robina will require mostly exterior areas to be clean and lightly coated with a product to deter Spiders from making webs and a home for the next generation in your home. Colourbond fences, letterboxes, washing lines and garden areas are a spider’s favourite areas for setting up house. Have you ever done the spider dance? You know. When your face touches the web and your instant reaction is to go into a convulsing, limbo/rap dance move that may have you pull a muscle but is worth it to not have a spider on your nose. Ha.

All in all, you can rest assured with Dan Purkis Pest Control’s 12-month warranty that this will be the first summer you can retire from the awkward dance routines and walk confidently through your garden and smell the roses.

With a full interior, exterior, roof void and sub floor pest treatment you will never be more pest free.

DPPC, established in 2007, bringing Pest control service levels to an all-time high to the Gold Coast, Tweed and Byron areas.

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