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Termites are an ongoing issue for houses in the Gold Coast and Tweed areas. The climate is ideal, plenty of rain/dew and warm days throughout the year, termites propagate fast and furiously.

This week we had a lady from Mermaid Beach call thinking she had dry rot/fungal decay forming in her bathroom areas because of moisture and hadn’t worried about it for the last 12 months. Until she was cleaning and the mop went straight through the skirting board and termites came rushing out. She was also aware that the hot water system was leaking against the house for 2 years and did nothing about it. This created a perfect storm for termites to enter the house. And without having an annual termite inspection done to alert her to fix these problems ASAP, she had no idea what she was facing.

Yes, there was initially some rot caused by the leaks but that soon attracted termites to the rotting timber that gives off CO2 (as in nature CO2 attracts termites to fallen timbers on the forest floor) and they go about eating the timbers they find and in this case it was in the house.

Unfortunately for this lady the damage was major and could cost more than $50,000 to repair. She asked me if insurance would cover it but the answer is no.

A simple 1 hour $220 termite inspection could have saved her most of that cost. Although there is no warranty on the termite inspection, effectively the termite inspection IS an insurance policy on its own.

Termite inspections do not stop attack but could minimise the amount of damage caused by detecting issues early.

Australian standards are to have your house inspected annually or more frequently in high risk areas. The Gold Coast is a high risk area!

FACT: Did you know your house insurance does not cover termite damage?


The only way to insure your house is to have an accredited termite barrier or baiting system installed then you can be issued with a $100,000 Warranty for damage due to termite ingress. Dan Purkis Pest Control are accredited installers of Termidor, Warden, Exterra, Termseal, Termatrix, Kordon, and can provide warranties for all termite work done.

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