Termites on the rise!

With all the wet weather we have just seen the back of, thankfully, the underlying issue it what it has brought to your Palm Beach home.

Yes, it’s your worst nightmare. You are cleaning your Palm Beach home and you come across termite damage behind one of the beds. All this wet weather has helped Termites locate a weak point in your house’s construction and the’re in.  Palm Beach termites are aggressive and destructive. Did you know Palm Beach was once a swamp filled with paperbark trees? (A Termite’s favourite food). So what did we do? We filled the swamp and built houses over the top with Termite food. Not the smartest move we ever made but the current building standards and the increased knowledge of the threat is beginning to manage the issue. In fact most of the Gold Coast is the same. Gold Coast Termites can be some of the world most destructive. So this is a serious issue for Gold Coasters.

With the help of Dan Purkis Pest Control’s professional Termite management team and system we can mitigate the danger of Termites destroying your most valuable asset – the family home.

Currumbin waters termites can be seen as a similar issue. They are aggressive and can do massive amounts of structural damage to you home in what may seem a short period of time.

Paired with Currumbin Waters pest control you will sleep easy at night knowing there are no nasties roaming you property in the wee hours of the morning.

So, what is my next move? Firstly, stop touching. Stop poking the area with your fingers or chosen weapon and Call DPPC on 0413116864. We will be there ASAP to set your mind at ease and solve the crisis on your Gold Coast pest control issues.

www.dppc.com.au for more info.