Termites Mudgeeraba/Worongary

There has been a lot of Termite activity in Mudgeeraba and Worongary of late. It seems the Mudgeeraba Termites love the humid conditions and are on the march. And the Worongary termites are breeding well in the rain.

Gold Coast Termites are quick breeders and create new Termite nests in a hurry. And coming into a wet hot summer ensures they will prosper.

Although Gold coast termites have an important role in the ecosystem, we still do not want them in your home.

Baiting systems Mudgeeraba are great and they will protect your home from devastating destructions (see pic).  Trelona baiting systems are the newest technology and will dramatically reduce the number of destructive termite colonies Worongary and Mudgeeraba.

Flying Termites Worongary? Yes they are looking to start a new colony next to your Worongary house. All they need is food, water and shelter, and a Male and Female termite could be putting out 2000 eggs a day within weeks of a low key marriage ceremony.

For Gold Coast termite protection, Gold coast termite baiting, and localised Mudgeeraba termite baits and barriers, Worongary termite protection. Call DPPC today for a quick response and save your Mudgeeraba home form termite attack.


Termites Mudgeeraba Worongary - Termites Mudgeeraba/Worongary