Termites can be a fire Hazard


Recently we discovered Termites in the wall of a factory in Southport. After some further investigation we found termites were building their mud tunnels in the back of a power point in the office area. This could have been catastrophic. The level of fire hazard was huge and they were lucky they still had a factory at all. Let alone the neighbours and the danger to the general public. This is unsettlingly common as Termites are attracted to the heat given off by the unused power.

Termites in commercial properties is very common due to the less strict rules for termite protection during the construction process of commercial sites. We are often treating termites in offices, factories and shops. Recently in Coomera we had Termites eating the benches in a café coffee shop.

Southport Termites are fast moving aggressive and hungry. Termite elimination is not always a simple process but with time and experience on your side you can be assured Dan Purkis Pest Control will get the job done first time every time. Termite elimination Southport Gold Coast is what we do.

Be it installing Termite baiting systems such as Exterra or Trelona or installation of chemical barriers around structures we have over 20 years’ experience on the Gold Coast and Tweed.

Gold Coast termite inspection are critical to the future of the structure of your building and the safety of your staff and your family. Australian standards are to have your house inspected every 12 months at a minimum and we recommend 6 monthly for those in wooded suburbs such a s Worongary and Mudgeeraba. But there is no standard to having your commercial property inspected therefor this is where many people become unstuck. Leaving repairs the tens of thousands in many cases.

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