Termite vs Steel

post 1 - Termite vs Steel

I had a customer in Currumbin waters this week tell me that “termites can’t eat my house; it’s up on steel posts?”

Think again mate.

This picture was taken in Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast these termites wanted to eat his house real bad.

If you look at the beam they are entering and the surrounding structure you can see that it holds up pretty much the whole house. And the next picture doesn’t do the situation justice.

post 2 - Termite vs Steel

The Oregon beam is starting to give way under the pressure. Most of the beam is now hollow and will need replacing.  Causing $5000-$10000 damage, where a simple termite inspection Burleigh Heads for around $250 would have caught the problem early.

This is a simple trap that can be avoided by getting annual Termite inspections Currumbin waters even if your house is:

  • Up on steel posts
  • Up on treated poles
  • Has termite protection built in
  • Is 50 years old and never had termites
  • Is brand new
  • Is covered in black ants
  • Has a steel frame
  • You live in Currumbin waters

Termites Palm Beach don’t care if your house falls into any of these categories. They just want to eat timber and your house is full of their favourite flavour.

So my best advice and you won’t just hear it from me is to have your house professionally inspected by a DPPC technician every year.

The best case situation is that we find nothing and you can sleep with ease every night knowing the house isn’t going to fall in around you.

Palm Beach Termites Control won’t wait so call today on 0413 116 864

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