Termite Treatment Gold Coast

The Gold Coast climate is ideal for termites and without protection your biggest asset (your home) is at risk. Dan Purkis Pest Control are the leading experts on detection and treatment of termites on the Gold Coast from Tweed heads to Mermaid Beach, Palm Beach, Nerang, Ashmore and all the way up to Coomera, Oxenford and Pimpama. We also go as far as Byron bay and Murwillumbah.

On the Gold Coast we have some of the most aggressive termites in the country: Coptotermes species and Schedorhinotermes spp are infamous around our suburbs and as a team have done more destruction than fires, flooding and war in Australia.

Termite treatment on Gold Coast is essential for peace of mind and may save you tens of thousands of dollars in the long run.

1 in 5 houses on the Gold Coast will have termites at some point in its lifetime and 99% of backyards contain live termite colonies just waiting to pounce.

So what are your choices? Well, firstly you need a termite inspection annually to assess the level of risk. Termite inspections don’t stop termites getting in, they will however minimise the damage Gold Coast Termites can do between inspections. Not only do we thoroughly inspect the house for live termites and past damage we also inspect the property for things that could trigger an attack and/or bring them closer to the house, we assess this level as ‘Termite pressure’ or risk.

Then if necessary we assess the house for which type of treatment is suitable for your home. All houses are different and need to be treated as such. There are a few options these days, with increased spending on research and competition in the market place, the large companies are becoming increasingly innovative in their efforts to gain market share.

So here are a couple of the choices that may suit your home:

  • Chemical treatments are good for houses with the slab on ground and even better on a flat block.
    (The use of the word chemical does not mean its bad. Again with the sheer amount of money spent on research the products we use are very safe and all come with warranties).
    The products can last up to 10 years. And your only requirement is to have an annual inspection.
  • Baiting systems are the newest type of termite treatment on the Gold Coast and initially can be 100% chemical free protection installed like sentries in your garden. By creating a perimeter of these stations we can be very confident in protecting your home. There are several brands of termite baiting systems available depending on the situation and your budget. Instead of a liquid in the soil, we use a bait that gets taken back to the nest to kill the queen and subsequently the termite colony dies out.

All our technicians are trained experts in their field and can provide the right advice and treatment for your home.

So if you have any questions or would like a quote please don’t hesitate to call Dan Purkis Pest Control on 0413116864 or visit our website on dppc.com.au.