Termite Education

Unfortunately, we are not taught in or out of school about the devastation Termites can do to your home. Gold Coast Termites are especially aggressive due to the climate.

Yesterday I met a lady in her eighties on the Gold Coast that hadn’t had a Pest man at her house for over 25 years. She recently has an electrician attempt to install fans in some of the rooms. The technician could not install them because of the extent of termite damage to the trusses in the roof.

After a Termite inspection by DPPC, we found the extent of the issue to be quite serious and could lead her bill into the tens of thousands.

This could have all been avoided with an annual Termite inspection by Dan Purkis Pest Control.

It was not because she wanted to save the money on the inspection; it was because she was never advised by anyone of the importance of having an annual inspection.

Gold Coast Termite Inspections don’t stop termites getting in, they just minimise the damage that can be done between inspections. Catching them early is the key.

The alternative is installing a Gold Coast Termite Barrier or a Gold Coast Termite Baiting system. Systems that are customised and installed taking in consideration the local climate, house construction type and lay of the land. These are services DPPC provide also for peace of mind and eliminates the worry of if they will get in.

Australian standards are to have a Gold Coast Termite inspection every 12 months so what are you waiting for!

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