With the long hot summer beating down on us, Spiders have had a very productive season. There big in numbers and BIG and hairy and scary!

I had the pleasure of meeting the largest huntsman spider at a house in Burleigh I was inspecting that I had seen in a number of years. You could’ve used it as a pack mule. R.I.P.

Burleigh heads spiders are easily controlled by employing the services of Dan Purkis Pest Control.

Burleigh heads pest control and Palm Beach Pest control is an effective and safe solution to your pest needs.

All the products we use are safe for use in domestic houses with children and pets. Each Pest control job in Palm Beach and Burleigh Heads is tailored to your needs to ensure all the family (including pets) are 100% safe so you can be assured the job is done well and the only thing you need to do is sweep up dead bugs in the coming days.

Interesting facts:

  • Only 3% of spiders are poisonous to humans
  • Spider webs are 5 x stronger than steel
  • People who walk into spider webs instantly develop the ability to dance like they are caught in a fish net.
  • You WILL NOT swallow 60 spiders while you sleep in your lifetime. (This was a false fact developed to show the influence and belief of articles written on the internet in the 80’s).

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