Spider Season

spiders 300x225 - Spider SeasonWelcome to spring! The warm air, the sharp bite of the sun, the on and off again rain all just happen to create the perfect storm for the breeding of SPIDERS!

During a routine pest spray this week in Currumbin Valley we discovered the house of horrors!! This place was like a scene out of Arachnophobia the movie. I saw the biggest, hairiest spider I have ever seen in the ensuite of this house. Wouldn’t that freak you out when you get up for a wee in the night?

There were giant spiders in every corner and in the sub floor there were egg sacks hanging from the ceiling everywhere.

Does your house have a sub floor? It͛s a great breeding place for these hairy eight legged creatures. They also love the roof void. So without treatment in these areas they become breeding grounds. And before long you’re living in the Adam͛s family house.

Dan Purkis Pest Control are experts in spider control and will keep you sleeping well at night without the fear of swallowing spiders even while you drool all over the pillow with your mouth wide open. Try spider control Gold Coast.

And by the way the whole ‘You’ll swallow 60 spiders in your lifetime’ was a hoax email sent out in the early days of the internet to see how many people believe what they read on the web. So you can rest easy on that one. For all you spider eradication and all other general pest treatments such as cockroaches, ants and rodents call Dan Purkis Pest Control.