Spider Control Gold Coast

It’s true you are never more than 3 feet from a spider on the Gold Coast. The good news is 97% of spiders in Australia are non-venomous.

With the Gold Coast climate being ideal for most insects, these furry 8 legged creatures are always well fed and in numbers. Spinning their webs across your lawn, off the eaves to the fence and the washing line and other inconvenient places you unsuspectingly walk into when you least expect it launching you into the ‘spider dance’ as you struggle with the web wrapped around your face and arms the whole time freaking out that there is a deadly venomous spider now within millimetres of your body and you could die within moments of being killed by a creature no bigger than your thumbnail.

Ok, take a breath and call Dan Purkis Pest Control. 0413116864. We are experts in the control of Spiders on the Gold Coast. With knowledge of the local areas residence such as the Redback spider, the Black house spider, daddy long legs and the ugliest of them all the Huntsman spider, we know the process on ridding your house of these scary little creatures with the minimum of fuss and a solid guarantee.

How do spiders travel? You may ask.

The Gold Coast can be a windy place at certain times of the year and spiders take advantage of that. Spiders find a high point such as a tall piece of grass and point their back end to the sun and let out a strand of silk long enough to get caught in the breeze and whisk them away to wherever the wind blows. They can travel quite long distances. For example it’s possible for a spider in Murwillumbah to get caught in a hot updraft from the tweed river in the autumn and clear the Terranora highlands to land somewhere on the Gold Coast.

Why would Mother Nature create such an undesirable creature?

Spiders do have their place in the environment as do many other nasty and ugly bugs. Without spiders we would be overrun by midges and mosquitoes, flies and cockroaches.  Did you know the Redback spider can eat Geckos?! True. Even if this slightly warms your view of spiders you still don’t want too many on your property. Now is the time to call Dan Purkis Pest Control for Spider Control Gold Coast and the Tweed.

Visit dppc.com.au or just call our super friendly staff on 0413116864.

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