Signs Your Gold Coast Home Needs Rodent Control

Rodent Control  - Signs Your Gold Coast Home Needs Rodent Control

Suspect you have an infestation of rats in your home or business? Then you need to enlist a Gold Coast rodent control service right away. Rats are one of the most unpleasant pests you can find in your home. Being incontinent, they’re producing waste constantly and can carry and spread dozens of infectious diseases to your family. They’re also able to gnaw through important electrical cabling and are impervious to most store-bought poisons, as they’ve either built an immunity to it or learned to avoid it. This means that the moment you suspect an infestation, you should seek professional aid. Here are the signs to look out for.

  • Rat Droppings

It’s easy to miss this sign of a rat infestation if you don’t pay attention during cleaning or sweeping. Do you sometimes spot dark brown shapes on your counter or floor that are the size and shape of a grain of rice? These could be rat droppings and not common household dirt.

  • Gnaw Marks

Rats are drawn to warmth and food. It’s common to find that they’ve nibbled a coin-sized hole in the packaging of a food or pantry product or even your the garbage. You’ll also find these marks on wooden surfaces in and around your home and depending on the size of the rat you’re dealing with; there could be visible teeth marks.

  • Unusual Pet Behaviour

Is your usually calm cat or dog suddenly a flurry of activity and focused on something? Often pets will smell out the presence of rats, expressing their displeasure by barking or pawing around the area where the rat left a trail. This will usually be along walls or under furniture.

  • Burrowing

You can often find signs of the presence of a rat by looking in your garden. Any area that offers plenty of vegetation, as well as moisture and something to gnaw on, will attract them. This means you should look near decked areas, drains or areas of overgrown plantation.

At this point, if you find any or all of the above in and around your property, you can be guaranteed that there’s a rat or two that needs evicting. Instead of fiddling with complicated, torturous traps and deadly poisons that your pets or kids might accidentally encounter, contact DPPC for effective and efficient Gold Coast rodent control.