Rodent treatment safe and effective

With all the recent rains in Currumbin and Burleigh Heads, our drains and sewers are full of water and this causes a flushing effect for Gold Coast rodents. Only in the last week, we have seen a massive increase in calls for rodent eradication on the Gold Coast.
Currumbin waters Rodents like a dry warm place to shelter and your roof is perfect place and easy to access via the downpipes and gutters.

Burleigh Heads Rats not only smell but they can actually chew your wiring causing a fire hazard and Palm Beach mice also chew on water pipes that can cause massive damage to your home.

For Burleigh Heads rats and Mice treatments we have several options as far as pet safe options and family friendly treatments. The baits are designed to make the Palm Beach Rodents thirsty when they have consumed enough bait and they leave the roof space where there is no water source and go die in a garden or back in the drains where they came from. Occasionally a Palm Beach rodent will die in your roof and the smell can be terrible so we can also offer a dead rodent removal service for a small fee. Or you can tell your partner to ‘man up’ and get in there a find it.

We will introduce the minimum amount product into the environment that we need to control the problem with maximum effect. In basic terms we use only what you need and be smart where we put it.

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