Rats in the roof

Rats and Mice typically live out in fields and paddocks and in our Gold Coast sewer and drainage systems.

Where do Gold Coast Rats go when it rains?

With the relentless inclement weather drenching the Gold Coast for the last 6 months our furry little friends of the underground are coming to a home near you.

Burleigh Heads rats and mice come out of the drains and sewers to find shelter and the best shelter is thew roof void in your home.

Currumbin Rodents climb up the downpipes or up trees that are touching the house and easily find their way into your roof.

And Mudgeeraba rats and mice come from the fields as their burrows fill up with water to find comfort in your warm and insulated roof void in Bonogin.

There is no way to stop them getting in so we have to employ different strategies.

Sure, exterminating them seems cruel but if we didn’t cull Mudgeeraba rodents we would be overrun and the health of the population would be at jeopardy.

Dan Purkis Pest Control are experts in rat and mice removal. It is safe and you will again have peace and quite in your roof void at night.

Call now for a free quote and friendly advice from one of the staff at Dan Purkis Pest Control.



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