TermX Replenishment System

The Term-x replenishment system ia an Australian designed and Manufactured product made specifically for the Termite problem we have here in our backyards.

Long term testing and success has allowed the system to even gain Australian standard codmark making it the best system available on the market.
The double layered long life chemical resistant pipe is installed below the ground around the entire perimeter of the house and is charged with either a repellent or non-repellent Termicide to fend off termites at varying time frames depending on the Termite pressure in your area which can change from suburb to suburb.

Dan Purkis Pest Control Gold Coast to Byron bay Pest Control are licensed installers of the Term-x system. We only use the best products to ensure quality service because we believe if you’re going to do a job do it once do it right.
Termites on the Gold Coast are rife and can be a very expensive process to repair the damage they can do.

The Term-x replenishment system is a very effective way to guarantee you will never have to go through the process of rebuilding part, or all your entire home due to the destructive power of Gold Coast Termites.

The fact that this system is replenishable is a revolution. So the soil around the house only needs to be disturbed once and for all future visits it just needs to be plugged in and charged saving time, mess and money. That’s a triple win.
Over the 20 years Dan has been in the industry there have been many tales of people losing their home to Termites. So don’t hesitate, call today for a free quote and quality service. What do you have to lose?…..your home.

TermX Replenishment System - TermX Replenishment System