DuPont™ Altriset

Why Altricet?

So you have termites in your house and you are presented with choices of treatment.

Do you choose Chemical barrier, physical barrier or baiting system?

There is a reason for the choices. The main reason we have options is that not all houses are built equally. So that allows us, the pest technician, to make an informed choice of the best way moving forward with your personal situation taken into account also.

So why choose a chemical barrier when baiting systems have almost no chemicals?

For one, peace of mind.

If applied properly an Altricet barrier can and will protect the house. The product wont leech into the groundwater and the technology today is so good that there is no fear of harm to your family or pets, birds, bees, earthworms even the microbes in the soil. It’s actually classed as an unscheduled poison by the therapeutic goods administration so the impact on the environment is nothing compared to the products of old.

Altricet is scientifically designed not only to be a great product but also a safe one. It attacks the muscle movement of termites and halts their ability to feed and they will track it back to the nest and kill the entire colony.

Dan Purkis Pest Control is in the business of using high quality products, applied as per our directive from the Australian standard or higher to provide effective treatments for the removal and eradication of the only real uninsurable threat to your home.

DPPC apply Termite treatments from Byron bay shire to the northern end of the Gold Coast and into Brisbane.