Pests and the festive season

This time of year there are many opportunities and reasons to call your Dan Purkis Pest Control pest expert.

I had a call from Lucy in Helensvale who had a large infestation of mosquitoes and the whole family were coming to the house for Christmas lunch outside!
Although she called me the day before to ask if there was something we could do, we put our neck out to find the time to get there and treat the issue. Christmas day is a big day for me and my family so i was happy to help another family get the most out of their Christmas day. Helensvale mosquitoes are the worst on the Gold Coast by a long shot. With the Careel Reserve and the Coombabah Lake in close proximity, mosquitoes love Helensvale residents.
We use a space spray that is safe for pests and won’t even kill a lizard it’s even registered for use in food preparation areas. After about an hour of treatment I stood with Lucy on the back deck for 15 minutes and there were no mosquitoes on the attack the whole time.
While I was there Lucy asked me if I could look at something that was bothering her in a wall inside the house. Turns out she had a Termite nest in the wall of the kitchen. The termites were quickly treated and a barrier installed a few days later and she could enjoy the rest of the festive season and the only thing she had to worry about is if there was too much Rum in the Rum balls. (Never too much in my mind, ha).

So for mosquito control Helensvale and Termite control Helensvale, there is only one call to make. Dan Purkis Pest Control

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