I think I found termites. What do I do?


STOP. Stop poking around looking for them. And do not spray them with Mortein. Put the Mortein down and step away from the temptation. If you have disturbed them or broken open the area they are in, cover it up with tape and leave it to the experts.  Now call Dan Purkis Pest Control on 0413116684.

If you have disturbed them take a quick photo (a clear one) and send it to 0413116684 for identification. Now cover them up with some tape. We will analyse the picture and if we think it is or even suspect it is we will be at your house ASAP.


Do you know what a termite looks like?

Google it, Did it look similar to the pictures you are seeing?

(Yes) call 0413116684 now

(No) Call us anyway. You need a termite inspection to be sure.


Stop worrying you have now contacted the #1 Termite control company on the Gold Coast.

Termites Gold Coast and Termites Burleigh heads are better treated with prevention than cure.

Annual Palm Beach termite inspections are necessary to ensure the safety of your greatest investment.

For the best Pest Control Gold Coast – With decades of experience and modern detection equipment DPPC can provide you with peace of mind that there are not termites in your Palm Beach or Currumbin home.

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