Hairy Caterpillars | Pest Control Burleigh Heads

We were recently called in to a child care centre for Pest Control in Burleigh Heads. We had to use our brains trust to come up with a solution for some very hairy caterpillars that were forming large nests in the trees in and around the play area and threatening to becoming an outbreak of moths in the coming months.

After initial consultation with the director, who wasn’t going to be satisfied if we just sprayed the nests, as the caterpillars would fall on the ground and become an itchy hazard for the kids at playtime. We decided that removal with a dustpan and brush was too difficult and with the nests being 3-4M meters up in the trees, dangerous also.

So, the solution was a simple one.

The office vacuum cleaner and a trip to Bunning’s to buy a 3 meter piece of PVC pipe to extend the nozzle.

At the job we evacuated all the kids from the play area and successfully sucked up all the nests (there were about 9 in total) filling 2 vacuum bags to the brim and with a little of the pest dust we use in roof voids for general pest sprays, they all went for a long sleep.

Then a light solution of kid friendly pesticide (It’s not written on the label these words) was applied to the areas where the nests were to ensure they couldn’t return for another season.

A sense of achievement was felt by the crew as it was an unusual job in a sensitive situation. Going the extra mile and the client was very happy .

Now we have a solution for this problem in the future. Also proving we practice what we preach with family friendly treatments as advertised on our website. Contact us today for Pest Control Burleigh Heads