Gold Coast Termite barriers

Gold Coast termite barriers, if installed correctly can protect your house from 8-10 years.

Gold Coast weather is beautiful one day and horrendous the next. These changes in weather can affect the condition of your chemical Termite barrier.

Gold Coast Termites love the wet weather and thrive in the conditions. The problem is that there isn’t quite enough food in the small pockets of wildlife corridors we leave so they find themselves in our Gold Coast homes.

The best way to deal with this situation is to install protection. ‘It won’t happen to me’ is an old saying that you shouldn’t fall back on. It is often a shock to our clients when we find them.

In the last 2 weeks we have found Termites Burleigh waters, White ants Palm Beach, and Termites Currumbin waters.

I recently did a survey in a room of 20 people from all over the Gold Coast and 70% of the room have had an experience with Termites in their home. So, their stories should be something we all learn from. Prevention IS better than a cure in this situation.

As an alternative to chemical barriers, Currumbin baiting systems have been very effective in eliminating and control of termites in the Currumbin waters and Burleigh waters areas.

Call today for a free quote or to book a highly trained Pest Technician from our team of Bloodhounds to keep your house Termite free and give you peace of mind.