Gold Coast Pre-construction termite barriers

The Gold Coast construction process over the years has been refined over and over for the better and the Termite barrier industry has been a huge benefactor.

In the past 20 years or so Termite barriers have been made mandatory in the construction process. (They weren’t mandatory unit 1999 – even then there were loopholes).  The legislation has been scrutinised and refined to ensure termites are unlikely to enter the house and cause undue damage. Giving homeowners peace of mind.

Also, the products and processes have improved dramatically to give builders peace of mind that it will actually work and they don’t find themselves in claims repair situations.

Products such as Kordon, Green zone, Term-x and Termseal can be used as stand-alone products or in combination to create the best outcome for termite protection for your home. And DPPC have Technicians that are qualified to install them all.

Termite inspections should not be discounted in new homes and are still an essential part of the future protection of the home. We have had many cases of Gold Coast termite attack of new homes and they may even help in the case for a claim.

Termite inspections on the Gold Coast are highly recommended as Termites can still enter and cause major destruction to new houses, given half a chance.

Dan Purkis Pest Control is a one stop shop for all your Gold Coast Termite solutions. From the Preconstruction termite protection barriers to Termite inspections and general pest sprays we’ve got you covered.

All our treatments have applicable warranties and our technicians are well trained and fully licensed.

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