Flying Termites

Ok, so its summertime again and i get a phone call from a local Gold Coaster. It’s Shazza (not her real name) she lives in Burleigh heads and she has flying termites and she is worried by morning her house will look like a beaver dam. Good thing for Shaz, that’s not the case.

Flying termites are the reproductive caste of the colony, technically known as ‘Alates’. Termites like to play the numbers game and send out Millions and millions of Alates to Burleigh heads with much pomp and ceremony. If the Alates wish to survive they need to find four things.

  • Food
  • Water (moisture will do)
  • Shelter
  • A partner

Without these four things they will perish.

So, most (almost all) of these chosen few will end up taking a long nap in your Burleigh Heads window tracks or the light fitting in the kitchen. The others make a family and begin the long journey to build a colony of 5 million inhabitants, one baby at a time. The time span to become a big enough colony to start causing damage to your house in Mermaid beach is around 5 years. Although this is not an immediate threat to your house in Miami Queensland it is a good indicator that there are active termite colonies already in your area. And this should be the trigger for you to have your house thoroughly inspected by a fully qualified and highly experienced inspector from Dan Purkis Pest Control.

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