Flying Termites | Alates | White ants | Termites

This time of year on the Gold Coast we have alot of calls (usually after hours) when customers find flying termites in their house.

Its usally on a windy day/night and coming into christmas this can be quite common in Mermaid beach.

These Gold Coast Termites are called Alates and are the reproductive termite that is more of an indicator that there are Termites in your area than a threat to your house. 

Colonies in Palm Beach send these Alates out to start new Nests, and there are 4 main things that need to happen before they can acheive their goal.

  1. A partner – A male and a female have to meet and fall in love (I made the fall in love apart up – it’s the only thing remotely romantic about pest control as a subject)
  2. Shelter – They need to then find a home. Much like ourselves they can be fussy, but in their case if they don’t find something within hours they will die of dehydration which brings us to the next point…
  3. Water – They need a reasonable source of moisture to survive and enough to support their ever growing family.
  4. Food – As you know Termites eat timber products (includes paper cardboard and wood) so they need food for the kids to grow up with healthy appetites.

So, with all these factors having to come into play their chances of survival are minimal and that is why you find millions and billions of these dead and dying in your window tracks and on the patio this time of year in Palm Beach. They are mostly from the park near your house or down the block and it is a very rare even to find these flying termites coming from inside a home. 

So if you live on the Gold Coast and have flying termites in your home call Dan Purkis Pest Control today for a termite inspection to be sure your Burleigh heads home is free from termite attack.