Firewood and Termites

Many homeowners are oblivious to the fact that a ‘bug” can destroy your investment. Let alone have the knowledge to minimise the risk of Palm Beach Termites doing just that.

Ok, in the picture, here’s an example of what not to stack against the house.  John thought he would stack a bunch of firewood against the house in Currumbin because it was close to the fire. This was a big mistake. Not only did it attract cockroaches and spiders to that part of the house but termites got into the wall through a weephole and ate a quarter of the house within months.

Do not stack firewood against the house. Simple yes, but it may just save your house from termite attack and thousands of dollars.

Included in a DPPC Termite inspection is free advice. Not only do we inspect the house but we also give you tips on what not to do or things you could do to your Gold Coast property to minimise the risk of termite attack.

Termites on the Gold Coast are very aggressive and don’t need much to encourage them into destroying your house.

If the question is “I think I have Termites in my house?” don’t hesitate to call we will get a Technician to you ASAP.

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firewood and termites 1 rotated - Firewood and Termites
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