Exterra Baiting Systems

The Exterra termite baiting system is an innovation that filled the gap in the termite treatment market for houses that were difficult or impossible to treat for termites due to the terrain/house structure/ or other challenges that would render a chemical barrier incomplete.

Dan Purkis Pest Control has systems installed in houses from Upper Coomera to Burleigh Heads and all the way down to Byron Bay.

Not only is the most environmentally conscious way to treat termites and protect your home it is also the most proficient at its job.

  • On the environmental side, upon the initial install there is usually zero chemical introduced into the environment and that is because we are only monitoring at this stage. Worst case scenario is we use one or two litres of a very weak product to allow individual termites to make their way back to the nest to share with the queen and subsequently kill the entire colony. As opposed to using six hundred litres of chemical released into the soil beneath your house.
  • This system is also the most proficient at its job because having the advantage of being able to monitor the amount of bait taken back to the nest and to be able to see the state of health of the termites is a huge advantage. So with the Exterra baiting system in place we can advise our client of the state of health of the colony and provide a rough estimate of time until the colony is eliminated.

The team at Dan Purkis Pest Control are experts in baiting and monitoring systems on the Gold Coast and Tweed regions and we have developed a system that is second to none when it comes to consistency and results using this system.

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