Commercial pest control

Have you ever thought you need pest control at your office in Burleigh Heads? Do you know what runs around at night when you’re not there in Burleigh Waters?
Gold Coast Cockroaches can damage your computer or printer and you don’t want them running around on your desk at night!

Mermaid Beach Rodents can cause damage to stock (they are actually responsible for billions of dollars of stock loss annually worldwide) and they can leave nasty smells in your workplace.

Imagine if they get in the coffee machine! YuuuuK!

What about the Varsity Lakes warehouse? Do you have cardboard boxes stacked anywhere? These places are the source for many cockroach and Rodent issues. They can live and feed there all the while ruining your stock in Palm Beach. Rodents and Cockroaches are Omnivorous (they will eat anything). So nothing is safe.

Recently we had a job in a fashion manufacturing store in Robina where rodents had made a nest in a box of fabric and ruined thousands of dollars of stock. They were not only urinating on but eating the fabric and the boxes they were stored in. And Robina can be notorious for this type of problem.

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