Christmas and Pest Control

Christmas is the busiest season for the team here at DPPC. The weather is hot this year and the pest control Gold Coast is going Crackers! (Pun intended)

Yes, it’s that time where you want the bugs gone before all the relatives arrive. The last thing you want is a troop of ants carrying away a fresh bag of prawns or god forbid a cockroach garnish on the honey roasted ham!

Aunty Beverley may still have a Christmas beetle run up her leg, letting out a screech that would scare a Curlew and Grandad Bill will almost choke to death on his port laughing at the sight of her doing a jig with her dress up over her head, but someone has to entertain the family to bring out the Christmas laughter. Later little Tom will slip a piece of caramel popcorn down the back of her dress to repeat the process.

The real funny thing is we give a 12 month warranty on Gold Coast pest control and Kingscliff pest control so anytime of the year is good to get the pest spray done.

We do Cockroach control Burleigh Heads, Termite inspections Kingscliff and spider sprays Sorrento.

Most importantly don’t overlook the importance of termite inspections. With the dry weather and the heat this season could be a game changer for these house eating vermin.

The dry weather is important factor as termites need moisture to survive so now more than ever is it important to check around the house for any leaks or potential source of water that would attract them. It is so dry right now that kissing under the mistletoe could be enough to attract termites especially if Uncle Dennis is around.

So the point is, while you are getting your house sprayed for general pests such as Ants in Miami, cockroaches in Murwillumbah or Spiders in Ormeau get your house inspected for termites.

Here at DPPC we give a substantial discount for a Termite inspection if booked on the same day as the spray.

Merry Christmas form the team at

Dan Purkis Pest Control.