Are there any Alternatives to chemicals I hear you ask? Palm Beach pest control

Yes, we use chemicals – daily (we like to call them ‘products’). But….these days the technology in the products we use are very safe and low mammalian toxicity combined that with the minimal amounts we use in mermaid beach pest management, there is no fear of poisoning in any way. In fact, we are not allowed to use anything that can harm you. That’s the law for Gold Coast pest services.

Alternatives to minimize the use of these products for treatment of all pests Currumbin waters, we integrate measures such as finding and removing the source, increasing cleaning regimes, the use of baits and gels instead of sprays, and using the minimum amount to get the maximum effect in Burleigh Heads and Burleigh waters pest treatments.

Knowledge is the key and experience is the foundation of a safe and effective solution for all pests in and around the Gold Coast. We also service Tweed pest control and all the way to Pottsville rat and mice control.

All out techs are fully licensed and insured and are well trained to protect you and your family.

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