Bedbugs Galore!

Bedbugs are horrible little creatures. Even I don’t like them.

The reality is most likely that it won’t happen to you, but for Gold Coast Hotels motels and Air BNB sites, this is a risk you take. Gold Coast body corporates should take note.

Bedbugs Burleigh heads and Bedbugs Tweed are on the rise. With the Covid-19 restrictions the problem is that the bugs are travelling locally instead of internationally. So the problem has been bottled.
With people skipping between hotels in surfers paradise and motels Miami and backpackers Bilinga etc, it only takes 1 of these bloodsucking mini-monsters to crawl onto their bag and it transfers easily to the next place they stay. They become the ‘supercarrier’, a term we are hearing a little of lately.

Waking up in the morning with bites all up your arms and neck is not the Gold Coast welcome your guests are expecting. But there are ways to prevent this from happening and not too expensive whereas the alternative can be. $$$

Misdiagnosis can be a problem too. If the Gold Coast pest company you call does not identify pests correctly they could potentially apply the wrong treatment. And your precious $$ are lost.
With many years of experience in pest control Gold Coast, DPPC are the team to call. Our success rate is the envy of all Gold Coast Pest Control companies and Tweed pest companies also.

Should you find something you are not sure about take a photo and send it to 0413116864 for identification.