Baiting System Low Toxicity

Termite baiting systems Burleigh waters come in many shapes and sizes but all with a similar goal.

Low environmental impact.

With the majority of people these days trying to look out for our mother earth the pest control Palm Beach industry is no different. Using non-chemical treatments in Burleigh waters such as removal of the source of the problem or attractants are first on the priority list.

Gone are the days that we find it necessary to soak the earth around your house in Palm Beach with hundreds of litres of toxic chemicals to protect your house from termites. Now we have alternatives. And good alternatives.

Currumbin waters Baiting stations initially start with no chemicals at all!

And only when we find Currumbin termites in one of the monitoring stations we use only 1 litre at a time. And with the research and technology that goes into production of new tools, devices and chemicals most sites can be protected with 3-10 litres of the lowest toxicity bait on the planet. It’s actually less toxic than salt even earthworms can move through it without harm.

So the Dan Purkis Pest Control Gold Coast mantra ‘Use as little product as possible to make the maximum targeted impact’ is and environmental slogan.

We will introduce the minimum amount product into the environment that we need to control the problem with maximum effect. Or use only what you need and be smart where you put it.

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