Ant Invasion? Call Your Coomera Pest Control – And Do This

An ant or two is never cause for alarm. But now it seems like they’re everywhere, and you feel like your kitchen has been annexed by a tiny army. If you’re concerned that this points to a cleanliness or hygiene issue, don’t be. Even the cleanest homes are seeing ants enter their homes as Australia’s recent temperature extremes drive them to seek relief from the heat and sudden rainstorms indoors.

You’ll need to act before it becomes a problem though and causes damage to your home’s appliances, framework and more through nesting. Your first step will of course be to call the Coomera pest control experts at Dan Purkis Pest Control – but you can also take steps yourself to make the process go faster.

  • Remove Temptation

Ensure sweet and fatty foods in your kitchen are kept tightly sealed and not exposed for even a short period, as ants seem to like them. If you have pets, don’t leave their food bowls out when not in use, as the scent and contents are at ground level. Finally, wipe down your counters after cooking and eating food. This will disrupt any scent trails they might have left for other ants to return to later. Any acidic liquid will do, so lemon juice and vinegar will work in a pinch.

  • Remove Holes

A pest control expert can eliminate any infestation, but this won’t help you much if there are secret entryways into your home that you’re ignoring or don’t know about. Start your search around warm damp areas as well as on window sills, skirting and piping. If any small holes are detected, you can easily use silicone caulking or plaster from your local hardware store to plug them up.

  • See Results

We recommend the above actions as keeping your kitchen clean will get your family into the habit of immediately washing up after themselves and any mess they might have made. Sealing holes is equally beneficial as it doesn’t involve exposing your family and pets to strange chemical traps in your home. In addition, by sealing holes where air is entering and escaping, you’re also making your home’s heating and cooling systems more effective.

All that’s left for you to do now is to call your Coomera pest control company and get rid of those ant nests once and for all.