Whats New in Termite Baiting

Baiting Systems 

With termite baiting becoming ever more popular on the Gold Coast and Tweed areas due to the system itself being less intrusive to install, the use of 99-100% less chemicals, better on the environment and not having to drill hundreds of holes through your concrete pathways. More people are turning to protecting their homes with baiting systems.

There are several types of baiting systems on the market but they all do a similar job once they are in the ground. The three main ones are Exterra, Termatrix and Sentricon. All very similar and will attract termites to the stations to enable them to be baited.

The basic action of these systems is to attract termites into the station then the station is baited with a matrix that will be taken back to the nest to kill the queen and the entire colony will die. That’s it in a nutshell.

Why would you attract termites towards your house?

The answer is – you are not. The stations are only going to attract termites that are already there. The attractant in the stations will find termites from approximately a 2 meter diameter from the station and no further so they are only dealing with termites that are already a threat to your house.

I had a company take the money and never came back to check the system!

Another common issue with the system is the reliance on good service to check and maintain the baits. As the system of baiting has been thrust into the market, many companies failed to develop a system to cope with the demand of regular checking of these systems. Leaving people disappointed and disillusioned, sometimes at the whole industry.
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Here at DPPC we pride ourselves on being the most efficient and reliable baiting system managers on the Gold Coast. 

With a proven system and highly trained, reliable staff we can guarantee that the system will be at 100% at all times. We even write a one page report on what we found on the day, any activity, any broken or replaced components of the system, and leave it in your letterbox if you are no there. So you have the peace of mind that the system is protecting your most valuable asset – your home.