The Importance Of Yearly Termite Inspections For Your Home

What causes more damage to Australian homes than fires, flooding and storms combined? You might be surprised to hear that the answer is termites. These dreaded creatures will consume anything wood related in your home, often in your walls, floors and your house’s frames. Because they consume wood by burrowing into it (leaving its exterior unmarked) months can go by before you realise you’re dealing with a termite problem, at which point you’ll need to find a business offering termite treatments for your Broadbeach Waters home. If you’re a homeowner, here’s why yearly termite inspections could save you money.


Termites aren’t always found in the home and can be found on wooden stumps or trees on your property. They can easily spread from there to your home and regular inspections will ensure that they’re eliminated long before that happens. They often make their homes in your drainage pipes and between outdoor paving bricks before they enter your home.


Australia hasn’t been immune to climate change and over the past few years we’ve experiencing record breaking temperatures and extreme humidity all over the country, often out of season. As termites thrive in warm, damp environments, it provides them with the perfect location to breed.


Leaving your termite inspections for another day might be appealing, especially if you’ve never had them before. This is exactly what one Australian woman did, and the termite infested pole on her property ended up collapsing and hitting a high voltage pole, causing a wildfire that claimed dozens of houses, acres of land and several livestock.

Experts believe that had the property been properly inspected, the termite infestation in the pole would have been identified, possibly preventing the fire from occurring in the first place.

Don’t take the risk – book your annual termite inspection today. DPPC offers affordably priced termite treatments in Broadbeach Waters.

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